Dear Parents, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our educational organization, Saint Paul American School System(SPASS) to the parents and students attending Saint Paul Academy Daechi. The goal of Saint Paul American School System is to prepare students to achieve success in the global community by becoming leaders with broad perspectives and high expectations for themselves and others. Our American curriculum with AP system emphasizes the development of the whole child by focusing on critical thinking skills, social-emotional learning, intercultural learning and the foundations of the STEM subjects.

SPASS has been established to manage to develop each of Saint Paul schools so that we provide constant quality education that will prepare students to successfully compete in the global arena. It is our goal to provide a rigorous curriculum, high expectations and strong preparation for entering competitive universities. We have worked hard to improve the quality of the school, its teachers and its curriculum. Students will experience a US-based curriculum leading to their diploma from Saint Paul Academy Daechi and Saint Paul American School System combined. I encourage you to contact us and visit our new facility in the south of the river which will be the new home of Saint Paul Academy Daechi, Korea.

Frank Tarsitano, Ph. D.
Saint Paul American School System

Hello everyone,
It is my pleasure to welcome you to Saint Paul Academy Daechi. We are committed to creating a rigorous yet supportive learning environment that allows students to pursue their interests and reach academic excellence. We also ensure that our students are ready to take on the challenges in university and their careers through a range of experiences in our curriculum, extracurricular activities, and internal and external competitions. We expect students to thrive and use our expertise and care to help them accomplish their goals. Our wonderful faculty works closely together and puts an emphasis on building positive, trusting relationships with our students and faculty. I look forward to getting to know you as you become a part of Saint Paul Academy Daechi community.

Zach Ciano
Saint Paul Academy Daechi