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To help college prep, TOEFL class is offered for 2 days a week.

Class Description
TOEFL 1 This class offers a basic level of reading & listening course. The course will be proceed to shorter version of reading & listening part than the actual test with grammar class.
TOEFL 2 This class offers a middle level of TOEFL reading & listening course focusing on learning plenty of words. The grammar goes with reading & writing setting a goal to interpret high-level grammar in reading part and revise proof on expression and grammar in writing part.
Class Description
SAT 1 This class offers a basic level of reading & math course. The course will focus on improving the student's reading comprehension, grammar, and basic math. The students will aim to build the basics needed for the SAT.
SAT 2 This class offers a high-level of SAT course, delving deeper into the strategies on how to earn a higher score on the SAT. The class places emphasis on developing the speed and accuracy of solving a question. The students will aim to achieve the highest score on the SAT for college admission.

English as a Second Language is a course focused on developing students’ English proficiency levels in all four domains of language (reading, writing, speaking,
and listening). The course is also designed to support students in their other general education classes through development of critical thinking skills,
academic vocabulary, writing skills, and group work. The curriculum will provide students a variety of activities to achieve this goal.