Courses Description

Language Arts

The overarching goal is to prepare students to be successful at the college level by providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the English language. At all grade levels, reading, writing, speaking, and analytical thinking will be emphasized and assessed. We believe these skills will help strengthen students’ ability to interpret the world around them.


Our Mathematics courses follow the same progression as the American curriculum by starting with basic concepts and working through college-level content.  An emphasis is placed on graphing, functions, and critical thinking.  Higher-level classes require a high level of English due to the types of questions asked.  Students are placed in the class that best reflects their current level with consideration given to English ability. Students who finish our course will not only be ready for college courses, but will also gain life skills that can be applied into other mathematical studies including finance, statistics, and applied sciences.

Social Studies

Social Studies courses will lead students to understand the fundamentals of Social Studies, including US History, Current Events, and Social Issues. These courses allow students to read and discuss real-world news events, case studies, and legal proceedings, thereby furthering their understanding of how the world functions as a global community.


Science follows a sequential, inquiry-based learning program, dedicated to fostering an appreciation for the essential concepts of scientific thought and the scientific process.In all of Saint Paul Academy’s Science courses, students learn through a variety of hands-on experiences, including experiments, observations, and discussions regarding foundational scientific concepts. Students are encouraged to learn through the process of discovery, with emphasis on critical thinking and analysis.

English Language

In our ESL class, reading, writing, speaking and listening are the basic skills that are built upon toward mastery. The focus begins on the fundamental lesson and progresses to using the English language correctly and accurately with special consideration on pronunciation. The gaps in skills are then addressed on an individual basis.

World Languages

Students will have the opportunity to learn the Chinese and Spanish languages from levels ranging from beginner to AP. Beginner classes will be taught in English, but as the student progresses they will encounter lessons solely taught in Chinese/Spanish. These courses not only include functional language, but also cultural understanding and education. 


Art and Drama both develop skills in the fine arts allowing students to express themselves with a variety of mediums and an in a variety of scenarios.  Skills are built not only with paint and paper, but in vocalization and stage as well.  An education Health class covers a span of modern issues for the upper grades.  Students will learn general skills for computer use and comprehension of technical terms in Information and Technology.